Christie McCarthy



Christie McCarthy

I must have been born a troubadour. By the age of 3, I was belting out songs from the grocery cart as my Mom pushed it down the aisles. At the age of 6, I remember feeling indignant and extremely emotional over any social inequity. And by the time I hit 13, I was arguing politics with my beloved working class Grandfather at the dining room table - and learning to play guitar.

I love the art of matching words to music, and especially enjoy the layered process of choosing the right words to convey an intended meaning (which serves my perfectionist tendencies). I’m also addicted to jigsaw puzzles and lengthy novels.

I’ve released four original records and a holiday classics CD, won several songwriting awards, landed on some high profile compilations (one with Norah Jones and Diana Krall), and successfully pitched songs for placement in movies and TV.

I used to perform a lot, and had the privilege of singing my songs in front of thousands of people at diverse venues across the US - from nightclubs and concert halls to coffee houses and spiritual retreats. My all time thrill was playing Ryman Auditorium (the original Grand Ole Opry).

In 2006 I looked up for a minute and realized I might have more in me than the tiresome struggle to make it in the music business and a yen for the Coldwater Canyon 70’s. So I reinvented myself and became a marketing professional in the solar energy industry. I now work for one of the largest solar companies in the world.

You wouldn’t believe how many other musicians work in solar, or maybe you would. I was quickly inspired by the efficacy of renewable energy and turned that inspiration into the song and video Rise & Shine. Around that same time, I partnered with a couple solar colleagues and we founded Solar Battle of the Bands which is now widely regarded as the solar industry's coolest annual event.

Of course the dream still burns bright in me. I'm currently recording my fifth studio album of originals in Santa Cruz, CA. I’m thankful for the exceptional musicians who are lending me their talent, and for my fans who still want to hear what I have to sing.

I work every day to turn my rage, sorrow, compassion and joy into something positive and tangible.